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Charaka & Sushruta
Charaka & Sushruta
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The Pioneers of AYURVEDA



Charaka, the famous physician of Ayurvedic medicine,

 lived before 175 BC.

In ancient mythology, he is looked upon as an incarnation

of Anantha sesha,

The giant cosmic serpent, which is believed to support the universe.


Charaka Samhita

was composed originally by Agnivesha, the

                                        disciple of Atreya, who livedaround 7th-8th century BC

                                               but at later stage was improvised by Charaka.



It has been said that Sushruta led a group of holy men

and learnt Ayurvedic

Medicine from Divadosa, the incarnation of

Lord Dhanvantari. 

Sushruta, a descendant of Viswamitra, was the greatest

 Indian surgeon of all times. His treatise Susruta-Salya-Tantra

                                          were composed about 6th century B.C. It has been revised by

Nagarjuna in the later part of 4th century B.C.

Sushruta practiced taught and made great improvements

 in the general techniques of surgery and performed many

 novel and major operations. He also described a variety

 of surgical instruments in his text.


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